Monday, July 22, 2013

Ads Destroying the Web - is Facebook Premium the Answer? Or are we Reinventing the Wheel?

Twitter Co-founder, Biz Stone, thinks that Facebook should offer a premium version for Facebook of some sort, an ad-free version of Facebook if you will. Stone is one of three co-founders of Twitter, which is why the advice seems to be so interesting.  I may be a skeptic, but it seems unlikely that anyone in his position in this day and age offers free advice to the competition.  Still, I don't necessarily think it's a trick, I think he is just stating the obvious.  We are all annoyed at what Facebook has become, and to a large degree ads are to blame.  See what Stone suggests in this article.

It is not just Facebook, however, that has an exhaustive amount of ads cluttering their service and taking away from the consumer experience.  CNET just reported that "the American Customer Satisfaction Index's E-business report gave search engines, social networks, and news sites a collective satisfaction grade of 71.3 out of 100."  CNET attributes the satisfaction decline to the clutter of advertisements distracting from the core purposes of these services.  In other words, we just want to live in a world where a search engine is a tool to find what we are searching for and Facebook is just a place to connect with people.  We want to seek out products and services, not have them thrown into our peripheral vision at all times, begging to distract us from what we are doing.

So, would any of us actually buy Facebook premium?  I'm sure some would to a degree, even if it was just a small percent of Facebook's overall users.  As Stone mentioned, even a small percentage of Facebook users paying a low amount each month would add up to a very large fortune with Facebook having over a billion monthly users.

Personally, I would stick with the free version even if a premium version was offered at just a couple dollars a month.  I'm quite content getting the same thing, no ads on Facebook or anywhere for that matter, out of an open-source ad blocking extension called Adblock.

Below are two of the same Google searches, before and after I downloaded Adblock.  It took about 30 seconds to install and starting working right away.

I'm new to Adblock but I love it! Keep in mind, not only are my Google searches now ad-free, all of my social media sites are also now ad-free!  This has changed my life.

I thought I'd pass along the suggestion on to anyone who hadn't heard of it or who gets extremely frustrated with all the ads everywhere.  You are not alone.

Merry Christmas to all of us!  Adblock has been around since I graduated high school in 2006, but better late than never!

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